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Hair Butter

Hair Butter

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About this product
  • Extremely moisturising
  • Leaves hair soft, detangled and manageable
  • Tackles dry and brittle hair
  • Ideal for hair types 3a-4c
  • A little goes a long way 
  • Non fragranced 
  • Baby friendly 
  • 12 months shelf life

Perfect for people with coarse, unruly or dry hair , great hold for lock retwisting and as a pomade for wavers.


For video tutorial please click here

For best results use on damp clean hair. Rub between dry palms before applying liberally through damp hair.

Brush through from roots to tip to distribute the product evenly.

Style as desired.

Can be used on dry hair to refresh style.

Styling tip!

If you find the product to be too heavy for your hair or your looking for more definition try mixing it with a lighter water based product ( curling cream, hair milk, hair lotion, light leave in etc )

What's inside...

Shea Butter, Sunflower oil, Grapeseed oil, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera Gel & Vegetable Glycerine


Please perform 24 hour patch test before committing to this product!

Product does NOT contain a preservative - NEVER ALLOW WATER INTO THIS PRODUCT.

Due to weather getting warmer product may become runny, lose whipped texture or become grainy from changing states. Please keep in the fridge if your house is particularly warm. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Hayley Facey

It’s grown my hair

The most moisturising hair product ive ever used

I didn’t know what to expect transitioning from commercial damaging products to natural, but my curls are reaping the benefits already! It lasts from wash day to wash day with no build up and leaves my hair feeling so soft! Keep up the good work, Thank you!

Annette Alphe
Buttery Hair Butter

Loving the texture and how light this is. It blends in well and I have noticed a marked difference in the texture of my hair. Will be coming back for a bigger pot!!!!

Gracie Matthews

I have purchased the leave in conditioner! I wish the shampoo and conditioner were the same scent as I LOVE this scent so much! So amazing how much it works for my hair!! totally understand the value of this product on so many levels after listening to the reasons as to why production costs so much! I don’t believe it should be this way to get the products we need and deserve to look after our hair however this is the way it is for multiple reasons .. I’d much rather today the price to get good quality and a product that does what it says on the label than spend less and get nothing from the product but damage!

Alicia Mwamba
Life saving product!

Helped keep my hair moisturised and even helped to reduce the frizz too. Absolutely love the smell😍