Why is the consistency / colour different from the product I just ordered to the one I already have?

We use natural and organic ingredients that vary in colour , texture and smell per batch. We also make all products by hand so the consistency, colour and scent may differ.

I can't find ingredients on your website?

All of our ingredients are listed on the individual product pages on our website. 

Any products containing nuts are stated in the product description and if you have any other allergies feel free to contact us with enquires.

Are your products unisex?

- Yes they are! Skin and hair care has no gender.

I have hyperpigmentation what should I use?

- We recommend the skin care bundle.

Can your products be used on children?

-All of our hair care range is 100% natural and can be used on children. For our skin care range please check each product description individually.

What product should I use for hair growth?

-Hair growth oil and hair butter ( 3A-4C)

Hair growth oil to promote healthy growth and hair butter to stop your hair from drying out and breaking so you can retain length. 

- Hair Growth Oil and Moisture Oil ( 1A-2C)

Do you have products that could change my hair texture?

We do not have products that change the texture of your hair.

Changing your hair texture requires chemicals which we are strictly against having in our products.

What’s the LCO method?

- At Alysium Beauty we actually promote LCO ( leave in , cream/butter , oil )  instead of LOC. Using oil after the cream helps seal the moisture into the hair shaft. If you were to put cream on after the oil, it wouldn’t get absorbed into the hair.

Do you test products on animals?

- We do not test our final products on animals, but we do however like to test on family and friends!

What if I had an allergic reaction to your product?

- We recommend discontinuing use immediately. All ingredients are listed on the product labels so please make sure to double check before using and to perform a patch test before committing to the product.

My hair is straight / wavy, can I still use your hair products?

- Our hair oils can be used on any hair type / texture.

Can I use your products on locs?

- Yes , of course!

I have a lot of shrinkage, what do you recommend?

-The good news is that shrinkage is a sign that the hair is healthy. Hair shrinks when it is introduced to very water based products. Our hair butter contains no water at all and will help keep your hair elongated without the unwanted shrinkage. This product works well when stretching your hair etc braid / twist outs.

I'm having issues with my hair/skin what product should I use?

Search your issue into the search bar on the home page. For example , " Acne" , it will then show you all the products used to treat acne.


I received an error message that my order cannot be completed why was I still charged?

- When your card is reviewed and declined, the funds are placed on hold instead of completing the transaction. This may be due to the payment information being entered is incorrect or an invalid payment option is being used. Your funds will return to your card in 3-5 business days. If you do not see the funds back in your account after that time, please contact your card company for further information.

Can you provide me a discount code for my order?

Our discounts are applied during promotions. Please follow us on our social media pages or sign up for our Newsletter for announcements on upcoming promotions.


Do you ship internationally?

- Yes we do ( at the bottom of this page)

How do I update/cancel my order?

Contact us on support@alysiumbeauty.com as soon as possible. Have your order number ready. If the order has already been shipped, we are unable to update the shipping address. We have a no cancellation policy.

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