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Please make sure to refer to ALL of our policies before sending us a contact form, policies are located at the bottom of the page alongside our FAQ page.
Most answers to your questions are available on the site you just have to look for them, we are a small company with limited staff so please do your bit :)
Only send in one contact form please via Instagram DM/ Email/ Text to avoid a delayed response as we work our way through contact forms in order. We aim to reply within 72 hours but sometimes can take longer if we are extremely busy.
 If you are enquiring about an order please include your name and order number in your form to speed up the process.
If you are in need of a hair/skin product recommendation please include:
  • hair/skin type (if known) 
  • Current routine and products
  • Budget if you have one
  • The issues your having with your hair/skin etc breakage or acne 
Alysium Beauty 
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