Our Story

We believe you should be able to shop cosmetics without worrying the harm they could be doing to your body, that’s where we come in!

Our products are thoughtfully create using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that they are safe, non toxic and actually work!

This means no sulphates, harsh parables, phthalates, drying alcohols or harmful fragrances.

We put much thought in to everything we do from where we source our ingredients to our packaging, we are also striving to become more eco-friendly. All of our products are handmade in house, in small batches to maximise freshness and effectiveness. Alysium Beauty continuously researches and improves our ingredient lists to make sure we are using the best and latest natural alternatives available.

How Alysium Beauty Began:

My name is Skye Richards and I’m the CEO & director of Alysium Beauty LTD. Alysium Beauty was originally based in the heart of South East London where all products were created at home but I have now expanded into an office space based in North London.

I had been making my own hair products for a very long time before I decided to turn it into a fully functional business. I become frustrated not being able to find any good products that actually worked for my hair texture. At 12 years old I was sent off to secondary school with no knowledge of my natural hair, my mum insisted that I learn how to deal with my hair on my own as she could no longer manage it. At such a young age I didn't have any means of getting a job and earning money. The only money I used to receive from my mum was lunch money for the week. Instead of using this lunch money for food like I was supposed to, I would save the majority of it during the week by cutting back on lunch. I would then head down to the local hair shops every weekend and spend it all on hair products. I was desperate at this point, desperate to find a way to feel pretty, desperate to find a way to fit in with the other girls at school and desperate to just actually love me for me.

After I went to these extreme measures and wasting loads oc money on hair products that did nothing, I felt defeated. I would sit for hours after school watching natural hair gurus on YouTube tell me to buy this and that and I did. I spent all those hundreds of pounds, spent all those years doing all this research on commercial hair products and hair routines... and then my hair fell out.

When I was young, about 6, my hair was mid back length and by the time I was 13 my hair couldn't even make it into a ponytail anymore because it was so short. My hair was literally coming out in clumps every time I brushed it because it was so damaged, dry and brittle - this is when it really started to affect my mental health.

The products I was buying always seemed to work initially, giving my hair the moisture and definition I desired but within a few hours... my hair was dry as ever. Some products would even make my hair feel so much worse than before I had even applied the product, I didn't even understand how that was possible, I thought it was just because my hair was THAT horrible. The more I tried with my hair, the more it back fired and by this time I had been trying to fix my natural hair for years, at this point I was tired and ready to give up. Luckily my friend saved me!

One day at school I was recommended to look into making my own hair care as at this point waving was becoming a trend and boys had started making their own pomades. So off I went and I started researching making my own hair products using natural, plant based and Ayurvedic ingredients. This led to me coming across the horror ingredients that were being pumped into commercial products and could see clearly now why the products I was trying previously were not working,

 I learnt that many of the shop brought products I was buying contained many harsh and toxic chemicals, they were the reason why my hair fell out as I had been using these products continuously for years. Many beauty brands add ingredients in their formulas that are cheap to create or source so they can maximise their profit margins leaving victims like me to deal with the consequences. I knew they didn't actually care about the black community or Afro hair they just wanted to profit and this was my cue to begin looking into creating my own hair care. Not only were these companies damaging my hair but after further research I found out that a percentage of these ingredients could be absorbed into my blood stream, damaging me internally as well. So, I decided to have a change in lifestyle and formulated my first set of products at home at the age of 14.

After a long time of trial and error I had finally found something that worked... I was seeing drastic changes in my hair health and FINALLY some new growth! My family and friends had also noticed how much my hair had began flourishing as they had seen me struggle with it for the most of my life. One thing led to another and now Im 18, selling my hair AND skin products worldwide and helping other black girls who are struggling just like I was.