Our Story

About Us:

Our aim is to show our community that natural is beautiful even if society tells us that it isn't. We truly believe that self-care/love can really make our world a better and happier place.

Our products are thoughtfully create using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that they are all safe and non toxic.

This means no sulphates, harsh parabens or harmful fragrances.

We put much thought in to everything we do from where we source our ingredients to our packaging. We hand make all of our products in small batches to maximise freshness and effectiveness. Alysium beauty continuously researches and improves our ingredient lists to make sure we are using the best and latest natural alternatives available.

How Alysium Beauty Began:

My name is Skye Richards and I’m the CEO of Alysium Beauty. Alysium Beauty is based in the heart of South London and all products are created at home. I had been making my own hair and skin products for a very long time before I decided to turn it into a fully functional business. I become frustrated not being able to find any good and affordable products that actually worked for my hair texture. I found that commercial hair products made my hair dry and brittle after using them for long periods of time. They always seemed to work initially giving my hair moisture and definition but after my hair dried i would find that my hair was even drier than before and extremely frizzy.

As I became continually more interested in the natural hair world, I began to research ingredients that were good and bad to be using in my hair. I learned that many of the shop brought products I was buying contained many of these harsh and toxic chemicals that I now knew I needed to stay away from. Not only were they damaging my hair but a percentage of these products are being absorbed into my blood stream from my scalp damaging me internally as well. I decided to have a change in lifestyle and began formulating my own products in the comfort of my own home at the age of 14.

After a few years of trial and error I had finally found something that worked...I  was seeing drastic changes in my hair health and FINALLY some new growth!

My family and friends had also noticed how much my hair had began flourishing as they had seen me struggle with it for most of my life.

One thing led to another and now Im 18 and selling my hair AND skin products worldwide :)

 Hair Routine Tips From Skye:

1. deep condition your hair 1-2 times a week using conditioner mixed with our moisture, frizz and repair oil

2. Use minimal shampoo, I try to avoid shampoo altogether as it causes my hair to break.

3. Apple cider and hot water rinses to cleanse

4. Low manipulation hair styles are key - I love high buns :)

5. Oiling your scalp often ( at least 2-3 times a week)

6. Wear a bonnet/head wrap to bed

7. Use gel less frequently 

8. Switch up your hair styles to give your edges a break, sometimes that 

afro is your best option. Embrace it!