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Saved my lashes!!

Lost so many of my natural lashes after getting awful lash extensions and since using this product I’ve seen results SO quick and my lashes are growing back so long and thick! Will definitely be buying this again!!

Hair Butter
Stephen Thomas
Wow! Great product, well worth the price.

It's an amazing product, takes a matter of seconds to style when applied to damp afro hair.
Can't recommend highly enough.

Light luxurious silky smells great

My hair is so difficult I was hesitant ordering but after my first order I went for the whole Shhbang I use it on me n my children I can not fault any product and we all have very different hair textures I just ordered the men’s wash kit and due to order new range😍GREAT WORK GREAT PRODUCTS GREAT CARE (wellDoneLadiesAnInspo4TheNewGen)

Hair Growth Oil
sasha bancey
✨Hair growth oil✨

I’ve been using the hair growth oil for a few months now & I only apply it on my roots but it’s made the condition of all my hair so healthy. I died the back of my hair pink & I’ve been using the oil since I little bit before then and I can see from my roots an inch of my hair had grown already😳 it’s definitely does what it says and makes my scalp feel moisturised. Love this product💗

Hair Butter

Love this product makes my hair feel so soft! I use on my hair while damp then blow dry, a little goes a long way

Hair Oil

The best hair oil i've used. I had a some breakage at the back of my hair due to doing low buns often and after using this twice a week for three months my hair has grown back!

I'm ordering again asap :)

Hair Butter
Hair butter

Nice and soft hair butter natural no chemicals plus smells beautiful I'll be placing another order soon

Hair Growth Oil
Ronni Irwin
Growth hair oil & repair hair oil.

I’ve been using the hair growth oil for way over a year now and can still vouch for it on my 4th bottle it’s been amazing on mine & my partners hair ( both completely different hair types ). Would highly recommend! 10/10

Healthy regrowth, happy customer🤗

Mt son had been pulling on his hair out of frustration. But since using the hair bundle it is growing back and I'm able to plait his hair again.

amazing product. cannot fault it.

i have tried the growth oil.. from the smell of it down to how well it works; overall it is just an amazing product. cannot fault it at all! Skye you have done amazing

Can’t thank you enough

Over the years my skin has always had problems, mainly blemishes, scarring and dry skin but everything I tried wouldn’t help, either one problem would clear up and something else would get worse or nothing got better at all. I’ve been using just the Rose Restoring serum since February 2022 and honestly it’s changed my skin completely, now it’s smooth, no scarring from blemishes and 0 blemishes from the product which has NEVER happened for me. Leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day after a morning application and I’m now confident in no makeup thanks to this. It’s worked wonders and I wish I found it sooner x


I received the hair growth oil as a gift around October 2021 and it grew inchesss by December however I did cut my hair around April and then again in June with shortened the length and I also took a break of it from August-October . After October I bought another bottle and my hair had been growing so muchhh . I am on my 8th Growth bottle already !! This is your sign to buy a bottle.

Rosé restoring serum

I have been using the rose restoring serum on my skin for around 5 weeks and it has helped with acne scars and overall has made my face feel a lot more hydrated whilst naturally brightening my skin. Definitely recommend :)

Beard Oil Review

A very effective product, had my beard hair growing fast when actively used.

Happy and healthy

I love the leave in conditioner!! Also my hair is getting back to how it was pre pregnancy. I like that's its safe to use on my newborn scalp as she suffered with dry scalp. Thank you so much for creating a method that works well for me and my babies🥰

LCO bundle
Abygaye Tyrell

The product bundle was smaller than expected and it didn’t work for me. Or should I say it didn’t improve my hair but it didn’t worsen it either

Rose restoring serum

I absolutely love the serum, absorbs well into my skin and leaves it feeling lovely, I was worried that my face would look oily but it doesn’t.The smell is different in my second bottle but as the oil is handmade and not mass produced this is expected.

Hair Butter
Hashmi Amir
Hair butter review

It is so nourishing. An amazing product overall. It leaves my hair to be so soft so I will definitely be purchasing some more soon.

Hair Growth Oil

This oil is one of the best hair oils I’ve used in a while. I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s grown my hair from shoulder length to now just a couple inches from my bum. I recommend it soo much.

Leave In Conditioner
Perfect Nkala

This with a combination of the shampoo and conditioner bundle and the hair butter has done wonders for my hair. This range is the best for my hair so far. Throwing the Cantu away as I speak :D

Hair Butter
Perfect Nkala
Great product

This hair butter does its job immensely well. I can apply it after I wash and condition my hair and my hair stays moisturised up to 48 hours after. It seals moisture in well. No complaints here


I have been using these products for a couple of months. The shampoo cleanses whilst moisturising and the conditioner moisturises my hair and beard effectively. This bundle leaves my hair soft and moisturised. I can safely say that this is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever tried. The only downside is the smell of the shampoo may not be to everyone’s taste but it works. Try it for yourself and see

Rose serum

Best serum I’ve ever bought. It doesn’t dry out my face like other serums and it keeps my face hydrated and glowing throughout the day. It is by far worth the price, as a little goes a long way.

The small hair box bundle kit

I bought the bundle box kit so I could try abit off everything and it all works wonders my hair is thicker and a lot healthier!!! My alopecia Spots are growing back fast then my own natural remedy it’s fantastic and the slick bobbles are lush I would have preferred and extra one then two styling brushes but that’s just a personal opinion! Other then that the products are AMAZING


I received my parcel just in time for Xmas so it was like a little present to myself ! Honestly couldn’t be any happier that i purchased this. I use the toner after washing my face morning and night and it has brightened my complexion perfectly. I was always confident with my skin but this has peaked it sooo much ! literally after just ONE use I got told my skin was glowing and I could actually see that for myself too. Thank you soo much ! I love this addition to my facial routine. Ordering another ASAP before mine runs out 😂