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Moisturising Shampoo
Sharon Njini

For the price would have expected more. Been using for over a month and it’s just okay. Probably wouldn’t purchase again, product does not outweigh the price and amount you get per bottle.

Nice looking bottle

Handy size, easy to use

Moisturing conditioner

Wooooow. The amount of compliments my daughter has had regarding the smell and the hydrationed her look is shocking. I definitely recommend this conditioner.

Hair Growth Oil
Tayjah Johnson

I’ve been using this oil for about a month and I can see a difference already! My hair was in braids and I could literally lift my braids up from my head. 100% recommend :)

The product i’ve been praying for….

I follow Skye’s advise on how to care for my hair and each product has worked wonders. A leave in was what I needed to complete the 3 steps and boy Skye has not disappointed. When I first use the leave in it keeps my natural curls in for longer, I then continue with then Shea Butter and oil ( all alysium) and days after my hair still feels soft, I do need a top up of products but that’s just my hair type. Skye has truly smashed this product out the bag and I can’t not wait to purchase more! If you haven’t already go buy and experience the realness!

Hair Care Bundle
dee williams
hair and skin care

great products need to put in a new order

Hair Butter
Carol Mendez
It really grows your hair

I have been using the growth oil which really works.

Hair Growth Oil
Wendy Jarvis
Hair oil for growth

Excellent product , keeps hair soft and more manageable

Hair Butter
Decent, but….

My fault for not reading properly the sizing I was ordering as I was shocked how small the 100ml tub was, considering the price I paid . I personally prefer my Shea butter to be more of a thicker consistency and found this one quite sticky and oily. However it has made my hair feel soft. I don’t think I will be buying again though.

Hi Lianne,

Thank you for your review, I’m glad the product left your hair feeling soft!

As you said, it is stated that the tub is 100ml. Our pricing reflects the quality of ingredients we use in our product, unlike large corporations we don’t substitute for rubbish ingredients to keep our prices down, we just charge accordingly.

The product consistency will become quite soft and sticky now due to the weather warming up, the consistency will change during the year which is stated in the disclaimer on the product description.

Hope this helps!

Hair Butter
Jade Joseph
A good moisturiser

I decided to go for this product as I watched the young lady on tik tok and I brought into her story and her passion! I think it should be made more clear before check out that orders take 10 days to process as it’s unclear. When it stated 3-5 delivery I assumed I’d receive the product with in this time. I use the hair butter in my daughters hair. A little goes a long way, which feels value for money. It has given my daughters her moisture although she doesn’t have an overly dry hair type. I have to say I am not in love with the butter. I appreciate it’s all natural which is great! However it does mean that it doesn’t smell great. I don’t regret trying it but I doubt I doubt I’d purchase again.

Hi Jade,

Thank you for your lovely review, I’m glad you were happy with the item. Regarding my processing times not being clear they are stated on the main page of my website as soon as you open it, it also states to read the policies in the header of my website too on the front page and you are unable to check out without agreeing that you have read my policies in full which states once again that my processing times are 1-10 working days. This means sometimes orders can be shipped very quickly, if I’m overwhelmed with orders or busy doing other things for the company they may take longer to process. My company consists of only two people so we cannot live up to standards of shipping like Amazon does etc.

As you said the products are made from plant and plants don’t always smell nice. The hair butter is a best seller for my customers with young children so I would never add a fragrance to it as I wanted the formula to be as gentle as possible. I wouldn’t have recommend the hair butter if your daughters hair wasn’t overly dry however, she may have benefited more from another item from my company instead.

Thank you for trying my products however, I really do appreciate the support.

Hope this helps!

Hair Growth Oil
amarylis takura
hair growth oil

the growth oil is surely growing the hair on the back of my head that ive always strugged with until now. very pleased 🙏🏽

Moisturising Shampoo
Monique sain

The shampoo had a really nice scent and made my hair much more softer once it was rinsed , definitely making another purchase

flawless product!!

Having avoided leave - in conditioners from generic brands for years as they dried my hair out, AlysiumBeauty put a smile back on my face with this one! It's so easy to work through my hair and when used with the hair butter and the the moisture oil my hair feels soft and my curls are even healthier. You don't need to use a lot of it at once as it is very effective and it smells super good too! 10/10 would recommend

Idek why

The bottle exploded in my face and the oil went up my nose

Thank you for leaving your comment.

I am so sorry this has happened, if you could send over a photo of the exploded bottle to customer service we will send out a replacement as soon as possible.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this once again.

Hair Butter
Sarah Wallis
Hair Butter

I have used the hair butter in my daughter hair it's amazing keeps her hair very moist and a little lasts a long time. I definitely recommend. 💯


Me and my mum have struggled with our 4c hair for years. Tried everything on the market nothing worked to provide our hair with moisture. She decided to give alysium beauty a go and when I saw how it provided her hair with so much moisture I gave it a go. I was STUNNED. my hair in all my years of living has never been so easy to manage. I would most def recommend.

Leave In Conditioner
Ilona Van dijk
Lovely product!

Defined my sons curls, moisturised his hair and made it feel so soft! Only needed to use a little bit. Lovely creamy consistency so easy to apply to the hair.

Leave In Conditioner
Malaysia Nova
Highly moisturising

In love with this conditioner, highly moisturising. A little goes a really long way. My hair loves it. Very nice texture especially for low porosity hair! I can instantly feel the difference !

Hydrating Mist

Smells amazing, really helps with the days when my skin gets dry and easy to use

Wash Day Kit
Amarni James-Hines
🤩 I Loveeeee

Firstly, The products themselves are amazing first try I definitely saw a difference. I absolutely loveeeee the shampoo the consistency is amazing and the smell is very good too.

The oils are really good aswell i usrd everyone except the growth one as im gonna use growth through the week and use repair,moisture and frizz one when I deep condition but definitely saw a difference, You can tell definitely the oils you use are high quality in their raw form which I love and it doesn’t grease out your hair.

Onto my fave the conditioner I absolutely adoreeee it, the consistency is perfect (all of the products are extremely buildable so are perfect for loads of hair types) I love it though smells great and really leaves my hair very soft and not frizzy after you rinse.

(Pleaseeee make a bigger conditioner for us who use it like water 🤣🤣)

Can’t wait to rebuy with the new leave in!!!

Hair butter and growth oil

I bought the hair butter and growth oil for my daughters hair and wow, the difference it has made to her hair in amazing. The edges are starting to grow out and the curls are becoming a lot more defined. I won’t buy from anywhere else now.
I’ve noticed a comment about the smell of the hair butter- My daughters is 3 and wasn’t keen on the smell to begin with but once it’s combed through you cant smell it and she very rarely notices now. I wouldn’t let this stop you from buying the product!

Moisturising conditioner

This product really help retain my length as I used to have a lot of breakage when washing my hair , it has also made it very soft and easier to detangle .

Hair Growth Oil
Hair growth oil

Ive been using it for just over a month. Even more hairdresser said my hairs a lot thicker and healthier .

Hair Growth Oil
Ruth Reid

i can see the growthh but my hair is too damaged so im going to order some more things

Self Care Head Bands
Tianna Jones

I use these headbands when doing my night time routine and they are good they keep the hair oil from my face. They are really comfortable and easy to put on