Hair Growth Products... Are they a scam?

Are you being scammed by companies who are falsely advertising their products?

I want to clear up a few things... being in the cosmetic industry has opened my eyes to a lot of things and I have come across a lot of of a hair and skincare brands during the time my brand has been open.

One thing a lot of hair product companies usually sell are hair growth products. They advertise them as being able to grow your hair "faster" Sorry to break it to you but hair growth products advertised as being able to grow have faster are a scam. There is no product on the earth that can grow your hair faster than the rate your body grows hair at. 

However, you cannot find products that will promote healthy hair growth. Let me explain how. Your hair grows every day as your body produces as your body is constantly creating new scalp cells. The secret to hair health and length is getting your scalp as healthy as possible. This can be done externally and internally but both combined will make your hair grow.


Let's say I'm a farmer and I have crops the soil is my scalp the fertiliser is my hair growth products and my hair is the plant. We have the basic things that a plant needs to grow available to us. The same way that our body has the things needed to make our hair grow every day regardless. Now this is where my hair products comes in, if you was to add fertiliser to the soil this would improve the quality of the soil giving the plant the best chances it can get to grow healthy and strong. This is the same principle as with your scalp if you can give your hair the best breeding ground it can possible have, the quality of your hair will be better this means less breakage and higher chances of length retention.

So in conclusion make sure to keep your body internally healthy... eat well, drink lots of water and give your body the nutrients it needs.Make sure that your hair/scalp is moisturised and kept in good condition using  chemical free products, stop playing with your hair so much, build yourself a solid hair care routine and STICK TO IT :)

Hope that helps!

Skye x

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